Develop and Maintain a "Live Safe" Lifestyle

Women's Self Defense Course

This courseis suitable for women of all ages. It is an intensive 24 hour course that is broken into two modules, WSD-1-2 is the beginner and intermediate portion and WSD-3 is the more advanced portion. A combination of class room and scenario based training develops some of the necessary tools to develop a set of personal defense skills. The following topics are covered by a diverse group of people with topic specific experience and knowledge. The class is predominately hands on and will require active participation in scenario based training. It is impossible to simulate pure violence in a safe setting, those two ideas cannot coexist. But one can prepare and participate in training that will help to mitigate or deal with such an attack. An assault on your personal safety can arise in many forms and in varying degrees of intensity. Much of our training is oriented towards avoiding and reducing these threats. Unlike typical “Martial Arts” self defense program and many other “rape defense” programs that focus on specific striking and fighting techniques our mission is to consider and practice a full complement of methods to make attacking someone a last resort. Sometimes that situation is unavoidable and this course covers that topic with hands self defense training. The hands on self defense training techniques are based on traditional Hapkido and Hankido. Two frequently used words are training and practicing, you have to have both to develop the needed skills. There is no training that represents a real situation, but training has to be as realistic as possible. That requires some degree of honesty and understanding when performing this type of training.

  • Situational Awareness
  • Threat Level Assessment and Action
  • Verbal Defense
  • Self Defense Techniques
  • Weapons of Opportunity
  • Escape and Avoidance Techniques
  • Knife and Gun Attacks-Escape and Evade
  • First and Second Crime Scene Risk  
  • Overview of Concealed Weapons
  • Sexual Assault-Multiple Defense Strategies