Develop and Maintain a "Live Safe" Lifestyle

About Live Safe Defensive Training

Our Team 

Ken Sloneker - Founder

Tactics Strategies Theory

Self Defense Techniques

Hapkido/Hankido, Private Investigator

Dan Farmer- Fire Arms, Defensive Shooting

Tactics, Hapkido/Hankido, Armed Security

David Morgan- E911 Dispatch Instructor , Cyber Security, Computer Safety

Kathryn Ignacki- Dietician, Nutrition Planner 


We offer a wide array of training and services to develop and nurture a “Live Safe” lifestyle. Our team brings unique group of people with expertise in different fields that are directly applicable to our mission goal. A “Live Safe” lifestyle is obtainable with the proper training and mental attitude towards life. Each individual sets their own level of personal safety and security preparedness through our individual modules. Our program is tailored towards the individual needs of the student and each module offered brings a different aspect of personal safety and well being into play. Safety and well being are still forms of self defense. It quickly becomes clear that personal self defense now includes a lot more than fending off a lone physical attacker. Our modules offer different skill building exercises that help improve your ability to live a safer life style. Every module in our program is divided between a class room portion and practical training. Most self defense programs focus only one aspect of the skill set needed to secure your own personal safety. Remember no one can ever do that for you. There are a great number of important things to consider and “practice” before the situation escalates to a point where physical violence is needed. Our instructors hail from different walks of life and experiences that make our program better rounded. Each team member brings something special to the organization. Some members in our group have specialized military/law enforcement training and experience but there are also very well trained civilian members with specialized areas of expertise. This balance helps to keep our programs focused on our mission, helping the average person to develop and maintain a live safe lifestyle.