Develop and Maintain a "Live Safe" Lifestyle

Women's College Bound Program 

For the Parents of College Bound Program Attendees:

While we appreciate parents that are actively supportive of their children parents are not permitted to participate in the college bound program. Part of the mission objectives is to develop additional self confidence and assertiveness that may be needed in certain situations. Every portion of our College Bound Program is chaperoned by a female instructor and all of our instructors have undergone careful scrutiny including a background check. In fact most of our instructors hold some level of DCJS licensure that requires finger print submission and federal back ground investigations. Most of the instructors are parents themselves and understand your concerns. Please talk with us about those concerns; see the contact page for information on reaching the head instructor. You may visit any time prior to the class to ask questions and to see the facility. On day one of the program there will be an early morning meet and greet for the parents, instructors, and students. This will run from 0730 to 0815.  

Pre-requisites: None

Required for Class:
Two sets of gym clothes
One pair of high heels or your typical dress shoes
Gym shoes (Sneakers, Tennis Shoes)

Jewelry should not be worn during the practical sessions. (Some soft jewelry or bands are acceptable)

Discussion: As discussed in the course description this course includes a significant amount of hands on training. Please wear appropriate gym or street clothing. Shorts are permitted but they should be no higher than just above the knee, consider wearing biker shorts, yoga pants, or other work out gear. Tees are acceptable, but low cut tops of any kind are not permitted.  Remember, at some point you will be working with male instructors, and they will be performing controlled attacks.

Because this course involves physical contact and some degree of exertion some medical disclosure may be necessary. All medical information will be kept in strict confidence and will only be made available to the instructors directly involved in your training. Please see our confidentiality page for more details. A female chaperone will be present each day throughout the course. No tobacco products or alcohol are permitted on the premises at any time for any reason. Vapor type devices are also not permitted. No fire arms, edged weapons or OC spray (mace) are permitted on the premises for any reason.

Note: If you are over 21 with a valid concealed weapons permit or DCJS license you may carry your weapon on the premises with instructor approval. Please note that some instructors may carry fire arms as part of their professional obligation. All instructors will also meet the above requirements.